DPA policy

Safety and environmental protection policy statement

The policy of the company is to improve its ships performance to achieve its objectives to ensure safety of ships , crew , cargo avoidance of damage to the marine environment , prevent and control pollution in all aspects at sea , ports , and to reach spontaneous execution within the frame of the rules and regulations , national and international conventions .

The objectives of the company`s policy are to

* Provide for safe practices in ship operation and safe working environment .

* Assess all identified risks to ships , personnel & the environment and establish safeguard against all*identified risks

* Continuously improve the safe management skills , including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection .

 The objectives of the safety policy will be achieved by

* Ensuring the proper preparation of vessels , including qualified sea staff ,equipment’s and documented procedures and instructions , in accordance with national and international requirements .

* Ensuring adherence to the safe working practices instructions to minimize personnel injuries .

* Maintaining vessels to high standard including compliance with maker`s instructions .

* Ensuring the effective implementation of the documented operation procedures through periodic internal audits to all the company`s activities .

* Ensuring the proper training of all personal at office and on board vessels with regard to the identified risks .

* Ensuring that risk assessment are carried out periodically for all identified risks .

* Ensuring that office contingency team are able to deal with emergencies and have access to the suitable data and documents .

* Ensuring the proper handling of reports which concern safety and pollution prevention between and among ships and the office department .

* Ensuring that all staff are aware of the company`s policy and that policy is implemented effectively .

* Ensuring that the applicable codes , guide lines & standard recommended by the organization ,administration , classification societies and maritime industry organizations are taken into account .