ENC has adopted the international standard ISO 9001-2008 to develop its quality system which provided for customer and other

requirements fulfillment continuous improvement

ENC Quality Policy

  • - Comply with requirements of quality management system .

  • - Fulfill requirements of customers , employees , and interested parties .

  • - Continuous improvement and effectiveness of services performance

  • - Continuous training for human resources to improve their performance .

  • - Follow up the international progress in marine transport industry for continuous improvement and updating services .

  • - Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives periodically .


  • - Training is a strategic issue effecting all ENC personnel . Continuous training is one of ENC quality policy to ensure that :-

  • - All new employees with job affecting quality are sufficiently trained to perform their job

  • - function and ensure that they are familiar with ENC quality policy , and concepts of customer satisfactions .

  • - The development of employees proficiency and availability of qualified competent employees especially those performing

    specific assigned quality and experienced tasks.

  • - Training department is responsible for planning , following up , and updating of training programs.

ENC obtained certification of standard ISO 9001-2008.