Transport Cargo

The company `s main policy is choosing the most suitable operation of ships owned by it , which by turn achieves the best possible profits & that`s by carrying out the consignments from & to the national ports , also in between the foreign ports with the most appropriate freight rates which are determined in accordance with the development and the status of the global maritime market as well as global fuel price by providing the best customer services in terms of cargo transport to and from the required ports in an efficient and credible way in dealing with the customer trying to resolute any problem appear during the operation and that`s to reach the highest level of customer satisfactory as the company relies on direct negotiate with customers and broker to find the best economic opportunities to achieve the best results with the good relation within the framework of the quickness and credibility in dealing .


Egyptian Navigation Company have storage yard about 2358 m² we organise storage area and store for cars , material , equipment’s , goods, and containers to prevent damage or deterioration , appropriate provisions are made for receipt ,dispatch and transfer from these areas to serve his vessels .

Chartering services

The company is actively chartering the vessels with competitive rates under contracts of charter party reservation distinctive interests for both parties and to all areas of maritime commercial operation and for extended periods of medium-and long according to the request of charterers .

Company have ( 2 ) multi-purpose

These ships are operating among the Mediterranean and the red sea ports and the north and west Europe and carrying out various types of goods including steel ( debars , billets , coils , ……. Etc. ) pipes consignments , general cargo and equipment , all packaged cargo ( sugar , rice , potatoes …… etc. ) paper and wood shipments of all kinds , bulk shipments and as well as cars .

Company have ( 3 ) RORO

These vessels are characterized by their capacity and dimensions of the garage allocated for shipment and the lifts with the appropriate capacity , these vessels are able carry out all types of vehicles with various kinds and size and as well as trailers and buses and that`s between the succession of the Spanish , French and Italian ports to the Libyan and Algerian and Moroccan and Tunisia ports , one of these vessels is also working on a regular line between national ports and the Syrian and Libyan ports to carryout trucks and cars and other goods most appropriate freight rates , also these vessels are capable to load containers 20`&40`ft containers in addition to the reefer’s .

Company have ( 2 ) containers vessels

These vessel are characterized by being single decker vessels & have an appropriate bunker consumption , also her capability to assimilate bulk & project cargoes in addition to her main purpose which transporting the container shipment up to 360 unit .